Title QSR24h GmbH
24 hours & 365 days of the year
Welcome to QSR24h

Welcome to QSR24h

• 24 hours & 365 days of the year

• Trained specialised staff

• Uniform appearance of EM at the
  customer’s premises

• Clearly structured testing and
  order documentation

• Permanent information and
  communication flow plus
  feedback meetings

• Customer- & market-oriented cost rates
  for our range of services

• Reduction of labour cost and HR
  management staff

• Cost sharing with Bemis with up to 100%
  for framework agreements for assembly
  services with a duration of several years

• Supplier quality improvement schemes
  with the supplier meeting the costs

• Superior technical equipment and
  professional competence for automotive

• One-stop quality assurance and
  engineering of processes
Service Offering

Service Offering

· Sorting and Reworking
· Firewall
· End of Line Check
· Goods filter
· Management duties
· Process optimisation
· Test runs
· Assembly / Disassembly
· Material logistics
· Dent / spot repair
· In-house Control

Service Offering


10 years quality

We would like to thank all our customers, business partners and employees for their confidence and commitment in the last 10 years.